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  • Paris Marais Dance School


    OPEN DROP’IN classes

    Open classes for amateurs and professionals, without registration nor reservation.
    All levels, from age 11 - choice of 30 classes per week:

    • Ballet, advanced-pro classes with pianist, variations, partnering
    • Contemporary dance, Martha Graham technique, flow/release/contact/break, improvisation, floor barre
    • Boys: ballet classes for ages 10-12 (Wednesday) and 14-18 (Thursday)
    • Teens (ages 14 and up) and adults: beginner and intermediate levels
    • Professionals, pre-pros (ages 16 and up): advanced/pro level

    Professional training program

    Preparatory training: for teens 14 to 18 years (before high school diploma), with audition
    Formation pro:age 17 to 23 (after high school graduation), upon audition, 1 to 3 years personalized program after your academy

    Ballet and contemporary techniques, theoretical classes, creation, repertory, performances.
    For pre-professional aged 14 to 23 years, talented and willing to acquire a high degree of technical and artistic skills to access all styles and collaborate effectively with the best choreographers.

    AUDITIONS 2016-17, up to July 29

    - Pre-professional program - 14-18 yrs with flexible hrs

    - Professional training program - 17 to 23 yrs


    SUMMER INTENSIVE - July 4-29, 2016

    Guest teacher: Peter SPARLING, ex-principal Graham

    FULL CLASS : composition, the whole month

    FULL CLASS: Floor barre, July 11 to 22

    - CLASSICAL BALLET / CONTEMPORARY - beginner/inter


    Accomodation : places available in our student residence for female dancers

    - 高度なテクニックを  身につける為の サマー セミナー 2016 - 申込用紙


    "BREATHE", creation of Maggie Boogaart

    Full theater and great success on June 20 and 22!


    ROYAL BALLET, live at cinéma Publicis Champs-Elysées

    Evenings presented by Ghislain de Compreignac

    Frankenstein, creation of Liam Scarlett, May 18 at 8pm

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