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  • Auditions – professional training program – age 8 to 21

    The pre-professional and professional training program of PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL prepares young talent of all origins to enter dance companies worldwide. An audition is obligatory to enter either the Pre-Professional High School Division (for students age 8-18), or the Professional Training Division (for students age 17-21).
    Prior to auditioning with us, please carefully study all pages of this website and our YouTube Channel.
    Are you ready to become one of the dancers of the 21st century?

    AUDITION PROCEDURE – for all applicants – in 3 steps:


    Please download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it out and send it back by email to trainingpro@pmds.fr
    Only complete online forms will be taken into account, with all attached pieces requested.
    Please include a link to a video that you place on Youtube or Vimeo of your dancing :
    – a classical barre on soft ballet shoes
    – ballet center on point : adagio, turns, small jumps, petit allegro, grand allegro
    and for applicants age 17+
    – a variation of the classical repertory on point
    – a contemporary variation or improvisation, if possible danced on bare feet
    Note : the video must be maximally 10 minutes in total (containing all items above mentioned, therefore make the exercises very short).
    If the school faculty is positive on step 1, applicants are invited for step 2.


    3 possible formulas, to be defined with the direction according to the cases: A) WORKSHOP or B) 1 week of TRAINING or C) SKYPE :
    • A) WORKSHOP: Applicants who can come to Paris, should participate in one of our intensive workshops (choose your intensive workshop, click here) and do notify us that you are auditioning for our program. Workshop to be paid according to the price indicated on the workshop brochure.
    • B) WEEK OF TRAINING: Applicants who can come to Paris, yet not during one of our workshops, can train at our school for a week with a program according to their level and proposed by the faculty. Price for the week of classes: 150 € (12 to 16 classes), 100 € for children under 15 years (5 to 10 classes).
    • C) SKYPE: Applicants who can not come to Paris at all, foreign or oversees students, must make an appointment for a SKYPE SESSION with our faculty, by sending an e-mail to: maggieboogaart@pmds.frIf the school faculty is positive on step 2, applicants are invited for step 3.


    All applicants will have a final interview with our faculty, at the end of their training with us (workshop or week of training)

    Admission :

    In the week following the interview, the faculty of PMDS decides about your admission in our program.


    WHEN ?

    Auditions take place from January to the end of July, for the start of the following season in September.
    The auditions last a week. Either during one of our intensives, or during a week of classes of your choice, by appointment.

    WHO ?

    All candidates age 8-21, either pursueing a career as a classical, neo-classical or contemporary dancer, will participate in both classical ballet and contemporary dance classes, in technique, repertory and improvisation classes.

    Entry level required
    • Age 11-16 : intermediate level in classical ballet. Interest in modern dance.
    • Age 17-21 : advanced level in classical ballet. The knowledge of the Graham technique is not essential but is an advantage.
    Selection criteria
    • physical qualities
    • health
    • body mass index (BMI) corresponding to the international professional standards of classical ballet
    • good placement
    • technical level corresponding to age
    • artistic talent and musicality
    • personality
    • strong motivation.


    A week program will be communicated to you upon your arrival, corresponding to your level.
    Age 17-21: plan to be available from 9h to 18h (lunch break from 12h30 to 14h).
    Age 11-18: plan to be available from 14h to 19h.
    Teachers will observe your listening and integration skills, your progress, your technical and artistic potential and your artistic personality. This procedure also allows candidates to understand the specific pedagogy of Paris Marais Dance School.

    • classical ballet classes
    • contemporary dance classes
    • improvisation
    • variation (for age 17-21)
    • interview.


    A) AUDITION IN PARIS: follow step 1, 2, 3 above (workshop, or a week of training)
    B) Foreign candidates living abroad and/or OVERSEES CANDIDATES: follow step 1, 2, 3 and opt for “SKYPE SESSION”


    At Paris Marais Dance School, the faculty and all teachers speak both French and English. Your entire audition can thus be in French and/or in English. All candidates auditioning for our program should speak either English or French, and, once accepted in our program, study French to reach at least a basic understanding of French.