Children and teens age 4 to 15

Children & teens age 4 to 15 : 1st class free

Regular classes: September 10, 2018, to June 23, 2019

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If you do not know yet your school hours of the fall, you can still register and change your schedule in September.
The first month is a discovery of our teaching; at the end of the month, we confirm the maintenance of your child in this course, or we offer him another course more suitable.

Workshops : 8 weeks per year

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Teachers :

Nathalie Bochenek (PL) is a former soloist with the Ballet du Nord, France, and has danced on stage the classical repertoire as well as the neo-classical repertoire of Georges Balanchine, founder of the New York City Ballet. She strives to transmit her art and passion to children through an artistic and technical approach. She holds the State Diploma (D.E.) in Classical Ballet.
Irene van Zeeland (NL), a guest artist and dance teacher, is a solo dancer and choreographer. With a double classical and contemporary education, graduated in Amsterdam, she teaches classes of awakening and initiation to children age 4 to 7.

Objective of courses :

The discovery of the control of movement in space, inspired by emotions and many situations, allows children to develop harmoniously.
These classes also provide children with self-control, respect, discipline and a sense of effort, which greatly contributes to their personal development.
The best students who wish to invest more in the dance are thus prepared to join the classes with flexible hours  (CHAD) which are practiced in the professional training of Paris Marais Dance School, in partnership with all the colleges and high schools offering such flexible schedules.

A choice of 25 courses per week:

  • convenient hours, weekdays, Wednesdays or weekends
  • the possibility of choosing from 1 up to 3, 5, 8 lessons per week depending on age to progress faster, especially for the pre-professional sector
  • floor barre classes as a supplement to strengthen posture, musculature and suppleness, based on the Boris Kniassef method and the Vaganova method
  • Pointe shoes courses from age 12 (legal age in France), with a preparation for pointes from age 11.

Amateurs and pre-professional dancers:

  • Amateurs : all classes welcome amateurs who wish to develop the practice of dance as a leisure activity.
    They can freely choose the number of courses they attend each week, from 1 to 3, 5, 8 lessons per week depending on age to progress faster.
  • Pre-rofessional stream :  a minimum of 3, 5, 8 classes per week is recommended according to age to progress at the pace necessary for a career orientation.

Preparation to competitions, to enter the Paris Opéra Ballet school, the CNSM, PMDS:

For students who wish, it is possible to prepare specifically for the following auditions and / or competitions:

  • Preparation to enter the Paris Opéra Ballet school, the CNSMDP (conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris)
  • Preparation to the audition for the pre-professionnel training of PMDS – Paris Marais Dance School with studies with flexible hours  (CHAD) for ages 12-18.
  • Preparation to competitions (CND, Scène française, Nijinsky, Chausson d’Or, etc)
  • As a supplement to usual classes, private classes are possible upon request.
  • Exercise video recording at the barre and in the center is also possible.

Ages and levels :

The age taken into consideration is the one before December 1st of the current year.
4 and 5 years: awakening
6 and 7 years old: initiation
8 years and older: classical technique – cycles 1 and 2, from basic to advanced / intermediate level.
Students must, in principle, enroll in their age group. During the month of September, teachers make the necessary adjustments so that each student can find himself in the level that best suits him and that will allow him to progress at best.
An educational follow-up with continuous monitoring and examination at the end of each cycle makes it possible to evaluate the progress of each student.

Organisation of studies :

The cycles are identical to those of conservatoires in France:

  • 1st cycle : age 8 to 11/12 (beginner level)
  • 2nd cycle : age 12 to 15 (intermediate level)
    • amateurs + pre-professionals without flexible hours studies (no “Horaires aménagés”)
    • pre-professional stream, upon audition : see our section CHAD/CNED horaires aménagés – planning.
  • 3rd cycle  : age 15/16 to 18 (advanced level)
  • Superior Cycle (after high school graduation), upon audition : age 17 à 21. See our section formation professionnelle – Planning
  • Young Ballet, upon audition : 2nd year of superior cycle.  See our section formation professionnelle – Planning

Number of recommended courses per week :

Workshops, during the school holidays :

Download the brochure  + online registration form
or on paper registration form

One-week workshops take place every school holiday: Autumn, New Year, Winter, Spring, Summer (1 to 4 weeks in July). Each workshop concludes with a final presentation open to parents.
They are an opportunity to work more intensively, to progress faster and to move faster to the next level.
The price of the courses is in addition to the annual subscription. It is advisable to participate in at least 2 courses during the year.


Next performance : June 21, 2019

A great show concludes each year in a theater. In 2018, the show was held at the Auditorium Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, on July 7th with 2 programs, in the morning at 5pm (with children, teenagers and adults) and in the evening at 8:15 pm with the dancers -professional of PMDS, with creations by professional choreographers.
All students who wish participate in the show. Buy your tickets well in advance (on BilletReduc).
The preparation of the show is done during the usual classes, without penalizing the planned technical progression. It is supplemented by one-off rehearsals in the 2 months preceding the show, according to a special schedule. The costumes are chosen by the teacher and are the responsibility of the parents (about 20 to 40 € per student and per year), in addition to the annual subscription.
NOTE: The date of the show is most often between May and early July.

Weekly schedule, September 10, 2018 to June 23, 2019 :

12-18 ans and pre-professional studies (CHAD – horaires aménagés)

Students enrolled in studies with flexible hours have a specific program according to their level and age.
The entry is on audition.
Consult our section about flexible hours –  horaires aménagés – planning horaires aménagés CHAD – CNED.

Registration 2018-2019

 : Registration form Children and teens

How to proceed ?

  • first find the courses that correspond to your child’s age (age before December 1st of the current year)
  • choose your number of lessons per week: 1 to 8 lessons per week
  • period: all year from the beginning of September to the end of June
  • Please download the subscription form and send it back to us:
    • either by mail to
    • either by mail with your payment by check (PMDS, 51 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris)
    • or at the next class with the teacher.

Dance outfit

All children must wear the same outfit and color in each class.
The outfits below are indicated with the models from the Attitude store (-10% from Paris Marais Dance School, or Nathalie Bochenek). However, the choice of the supplier remains completely free.

Awakening (age 4-5) et initiation (age 6-7) :

  • no slippers: to facilitate the work of the feet
  • tights without feet, to dance with bare feet.


  • pink half-point shoes (from 8 years old, preferably canvas, Sansha mark, to facilitate the work of the feet)
  • pink tights
  • leotard:
    • 4 – 5 years: white with incorporated skirt, Paki model
    • 6 – 7 years old: pink, model Paki + Noémi skirt optional
    • 8 – 9 years: sky, Paki model
    • 9/10 – 11 years old: peony, Paki model
    • 11 – 12 years old: ocean, Taji model. Noémi matching skirt.
    • 12 to 15 years: salmon, model Taji. Noémi matching skirt.


  • white leotard, model Tara (with short sleeves)
  • gray tights without feet, Bijan model
  • white socks, fine cotton (from 8 years old)
  • gray linen slippers (from 8 years old, Sansha brand if possible)
  • 10 years and more: dance belt (specific trunk for boys) flesh color, brand Wear Moi, on the online catalog DanceDirect (tel: 05 56 02 62 26).

Etiquette :

The smooth running of the courses is based on the following points:

  • to arrive on time, is to arrive in advance, with a well prepared bag where nothing is missing, with hairpins and elastics
  • to prepare exclusively in the changing room; do not leave anything in the changing room and take everything to the dance studio, in a bag
  • drop off his tidy things at the designated place of the studio by the teacher
  • remove the warm-up clothes before class and put them in the bag
  • always have a gourd or a bottle of water, stored in the bag, to drink during the breaks indicated by the teacher
  • make sure to have a light meal 1 hour before the lesson (it is not possible to dance on an empty stomach)
  • be very regular in classes, organize yourself to not miss any classes (this allows more pleasure and progress during the lessons, and a better participation in the show)
  • an always clean outfit (see § Outfits), slippers with elastics well sewn (not tight)
  • hair tied in a bun for girls, a headband for boys if long hair
  • no jewelery or watch (small earrings accepted)
  • class concentration, no conversations (it is encouraged to ask a few questions to the teacher)
  • mobile phone off before entering the studio
  • applause at the end of class and reverence to the teacher.