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    Realize your dance dream

    You already have a dance training with an academy and your dream is to become a professional dancer? Our training of the highest level will allow you to realize your dream! Visit the “Auditions” page to learn more about the required level.
    All classes are taught in French and English languages. 
    Maggie Boogaart classes, according to specific needs, may also be taught in Spanih, Dutch, German.

    Ballet technique and repertory

    Teacher: Ghislain de COMPREIGNAC (D.E.), ex- principal, Ballet du Nord, France
    Guest teacher: Michaël DENARD, ex-principal, Paris Opera Ballet, France

    • Ballet technique (russian and Balanchine schools)
    • Variations – classical and neo-classical repertory
    • Partnering – classical and neo-classical repertory
    • Points 
    • Reinforcement and variations  for boys
    • Initiation to classical music
    • Preparation to the E.A.T. national exam.

    Graham technique and repertory

    Teacher : Maggie BOOGAART (D.E.), international soloist, agreed by the Martha Graham School of NYC
    Guest teachers

    • Martha Graham Technique
    • Techniques flow, release, contact, breakdance
    • Martha Graham repertory
    • Maggie Boogaart repertory
    • Initiation to contemporary and jazz music
    • Preparation to the E.A.T. national exam.

    Creation, improvisation, choreography composition

    Teacher: Maggie BOOGAART (choreographer, artistic director of Dragon Productions Company 1994-2009)
    Guest teachers

    • Improvisation classes and workshops (with live music)
    • Composition classes and workshops (methods of creation),
    • Choreographic laboratory (coaching for the creation of students’ solos)
    • Participation to new creations of Maggie Boogaart and guest choreographers

    Preparation to the E.A.T. national exam

    National exam of professional dancer

    Ballet: Ghislain de COMPREIGNAC –  Contemporary dance: Maggie BOOGAART

    • Variations, free and obligatory
    • Improvisation

    Floor barre

    Teacher: Maggie BOOGAART

    • Combination of Pilates, yoga, strengthening and stretching, with auto-healing of the dancer body.

    Interdisciplinary art researchs and workshops

    Professeurs : Maggie BOOGAART, Ghislain de COMPREIGNAC, guest teachers

    • Dance and sculpture / scenery / theatre / music / video / litterature / Buto / Opera …
    • Choreographers and companies
    • Personal researchs.

    Thematic workshops

    Teachers: Maggie BOOGAART, Ghislain de COMPREIGNAC

    • Anatomy
    • Food, nutrition, dance lifestyle
    • Dance  history
    • Resume, application file and job research