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  • Interdisciplinary art research


    Today dancers must be aware of the world around, understand it, so that they can then act in the field of interpretation and choreography.
    On stage, the arts of dance, music, litterature, stage design, painting, sculpture, theater, video interact to form the performance. The relations established between the actors are crucial to the quality of the performance.
    How a choreographer works with a composer and a stage designer? It is every time a particular recipe, the main ingredients are constant, that is what is to be discover.

    Research papers

    The students of the training rogram realize a monthly research on a specific topic that will allow them to explore several examples of interdisciplinary collaboration.

    Artistic collaborations

    Students are encouraged to regularly produce creations leading them to collaborate with other artists.
    They also participate in the work of artistic creation of their teachers and of guest choreographers.