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  • Centre de Danse du Marais – Marais Dance Centre

    A difference to understand

    All classes of PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL take place in the studios of the Marais Dance Centre.
    PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL is a separate entity from the Marais Dance Centre.

    History and activity

    The Marais Dance Centre was established in 1970 by Micheline Carrance; It is now run by Antoine Carrance and has over 45 years of existence. In the heart of Paris, at 41 rue du Temple, just steps from City Hall and just behind the Pompidou Centre, it offers 12 studios dedicated to dance and 7 studios dedicated to music and vocals.
    All dance styles are represented: ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, ballroom dances and dances of the world.

    The biggest dance center in France

    Main caracteristics 
    • Perennity • Notoriété • Fidelity of dancers • Legitimity • Pluridisciplinarity • Social and artistic mixity
    Some figures
    • 45 years of existence • 19 studios • 56 disciplines • 130 teachers

    Other activities at the Centre de Danse du Marais

    The professional dance school Paris Marais Dance School, Ballet & Contemporay Graham, installed at the Centre, is a reference training for young dancers aged 14 to 23 years who intend to join a professional dance company.
    The Marais Dance Centre also houses a musical school, Les enfants de la Comédie musicale (Children of the Musical), and the Berlize drama school.
    The website Paris-Casting.com  of the Marais Dance Centre affects the entire French artistic community performing arts, film and advertising. It has a 250,000 members file.
    The Marais Dance Centre is the first and main sponsor of the Paris International Choreographic Competition, Contemporary versus Urban. It endows the significant price competition and also provides logistical support.
    The Marais Dance Festival brings together the final of the International Choreographic Competition in Paris and a large bi-annual event consisting of three shows given in late June by 1,000 dancers from the Marais Dance Centre at the Cirque d’Hiver.
    The Marais Dance Centre also receives visual art exhibitions, lectures on dance including “Les nuits balanches” of the Auguste Vestris society.