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  • Our vision: excellence, artistry and creativity

    For everyone :

    Passion, pleasure, sharing the art of dance!

    For all of our classes, regardless of the level or goal of the participant, the passion and the pleasure of dancing are the priority. Even if you come as an amateur once a week in our classes open to all, you will experience the pleasure of dancing, you will progress and develop your confidence.


    For (pre)professional:
    In an international atmosphere, with a very personalized approach


    Train dancers of national and international level

    The clear objective of the training is to train young dancers for their successful auditions in France and abroad. For this, various aspects are developed:
    – A small number of students, limited to 21, to give daily attention to students;
    – The pursuit of perfection and technical performance, always given to artistic expression
    – The development of human qualities, communication, good business practices;
    – Knowledge of the art world and companies worldwide.

    Cross-training Ballet-Graham

    The teaching is based on two main basic techniques: Classic and Graham (basic contemporary dance). The combination of these two complementary techniques give the dancers of today’s richest technology to address an international career with the present leading choreographers.
    It allows to acquire a brilliant style, increase its virtuosity, creativity, experience on stage. Physically, cross-training allows for a more balanced muscle work to improve physical performance.
    Regular education includes technical flow / release / contact, contemporary improvisation. In classical technique taught enriched the achievements of Balanchine technology and new scientific knowledge related to intensive training.
    Visiting professors, from different backgrounds, regularly bring other styles,


    The technique without art is a dead letter. The artistic development of each student-riding. It requires the full understanding of many artistic subtleties of classical dance and fulfilled in the work of interpretation of the classical repertoire, neoclassical and contemporary creative work.
    The program allows:
    • benefit from the experience and technical and artistic reflection teachers recognized for their artistic rigor, precision, virtuosity, speed and creativity
    • discover the benefits of the combination of great techniques (Russian, Balanchine, Graham)
    • discover directories of Martha Graham and George Balanchine.


    The program lets you learn:
    • choreographic composition
    • improvisation
    • musical and choreographic analysis,
    To prepare the dancers to collaborate creatively with choreographers and to realize their own creations.