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  • Pre-college division

    For ages 8-18 ans *, before high school graduation

    For pre-professionals 8 to 18 years and young people willing to invest more in the dance without having professional aims, talented and wishing to acquire a high degree of technical and artistic mastery, PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL offers upon audition an intensive program tailored to young people who are still in school.
    A specific program for adolescents with dance classes in the afternoon allow them to continue their schooling schedules in the morning. Formulas are developed individually for each student to make compatible dance training with the pursuit of academic studies. Depending on the students’ progress during the years, their individual programs are adapted several times a year to optimize their progress.

    Intensive program over 11 months, September to July

    A major in classical ballet and a major in contemporary dance provide students with different levels in both disciplines. Students participate in a training adapted to their level in both classical ballet and contemporary dance.
    All packages include classes (3-12 over 1.5 hours per week), several workshops on Sunday (improvisation, placement …), autumn, winter, spring workshops (from 5 to 15 classes per week) and a Virtuosity summer intensive in July (4 weeks).
    Additional information is available in the presentation brochures of the workshops and of the professional training on request.


    School flexible hours

    For students enrolled from 12 to 18 years, flexible hours formulas are available with Parisian college and high schools, provided that the school program is in the morning.
    For more advanced students 16 and older who need to follow some of our morning classes, distance learning formula (such as CNED) may be relevant.

    Daily Classes from September to June, Monday to Friday:

    • 5-12 classes per week. Classes are held in the afternoon.
    • Classical ballet: Technique, variations, partnering, repertoire.
    • Contemporary dance: Graham, Horton, Limon, Cunningham, release / contact improvisation, floor barre.

    Virtuosity workshops: fall, winter, spring, summer

    Workshop presentation

    • Classical ballet major: Variations & Pas-de-deux, and variations according to your goals.
    • Contemporary dance major: repertory, choreographic laboratory (developing your own creation), Graham repertory in the summer session.

    Coaching & up teaching

    Students are monitored jointly by the teachers. Technical and artistic evaluation is communicated to them every quarter. Intermediate objectives are defined jointly with each student with fully customized calendars.