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  • Daily schedule open drop’in classes – Pre-pros & Pros

    Just come to the class you want, and introduce yourself to the teacher.
    All classes are accessible without registration or reservation. Payment with the teacher (cash only).

    Languages : English and French

    We welcome students from all over the world; all our classes and intensives are taught in French and English.

    Levelsrates outfit

    School holidays

    There are no regular classes during the school holidays: check the school holidays.
    During every school holidays, you have a choice of several workshops: check the available workshops.

    Open/drop’in classes – Pre-pros & Pros
     – 2021-2022

    Year schedule
    No class on French school holidays. During the school holidays, do an intensive workshop to progress!



    Extract from the legal letter of the CND-National Danse Center:
    The conditions of activity are as follows:
    – reception is organized under conditions which make it possible to limit as much as possible the mixing of children and pupils belonging to different groups;
    – obligation to wear a mask (from 11 years old), except during artistic practice;
    – by observing a physical distance of at least 1 meter between two people in confined spaces; physical distancing does not have to be observed for the practice of artistic activities, the very nature of which does not allow it.

    Adaptation for Paris Marais Dance School:
    – Masks requested during lessons from 11 years old
    – no physical distancing during lessons (impractical).

    Practical information – levelsrates outfit

    Just come to the class you want
    All classes are accessible without registration or reservation.
    Check that you choose the appropriate level.
    Pay the class (20€) directly to your teacher before class (no plastic card).
    Buy the class cards directly to your teacher or buy an Epass online.__
    1st CLASS: this is your 1st class? And you want to join us during the year? Start easily by first taking a private class, essential before joining a group. Contact us at contact@pmds.fr
    One begins necessarily with the fundamental bases level 1, even if you are a professional in another discipline.
    The intermediate (level 2) and advanced (level 3) courses are accessible only by invitation of the teacher.
    The Graham technique is based on the teaching of the Graham School in New York City.
    PROFESSIONAL DANCERS – morning classes: 10€.
    => 9.30 am : advanced Graham class, if you already specialized in Graham, studio Offenbach
    => 11 am : ballet class, studio Beethoven
    In case of doubt, teachers may request a medical certificate.
    To preserve the beautiful atmosphere of the classes and the progress of all participants, the teachers reserve the right to refuse students at any time.
    We dance all public French holidays. View the schedule of holidays.
    DISCIPLINES presentation :  download pdf.