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  • Registration season 2019-2020

    Registration for the new season 2019-2020 :

    Children: registration is necessary. All courses are open to visitors with reservation.
    Teens and adults: all courses are open without registration or reservation.
    Trial class:
    Children: the 1st course is free.
    Teens and adults: your 1st course is a course of discovery of our teaching, at the same rate as the other courses.
    If you decide to continue the courses with us, you can give us your registration form at the end of the course (this first course is then part of your registration).


    until September 30, subject to availability
    If you do not know yet your school hours of the fall, you can still register and change your schedules in September

    AMATEURS – teenagers and adults

    Subscriptions at the beginning of the school year, then the whole year, from date to date
    Annual subscriptions – half-year subscriptions
    Do you want to register for some of our classes?
    Consult the schedule of the classes and choose your classes.
    Your advantages by subscribing:

    • You benefit from preferential rates
    • You ensure a priority of entry in our classes (limited places).

    How to do ?

    • Choose your class number per week: 1 to 3 lessons per week
    • Period: the whole year from the beginning of September to the end of June, or for a semester from September to December, from January to April, or from date to date for 4 months,
    • Please download the registration form and send it back to us:
      • Either by email to contact@pmds.fr
      • Either by postal mail with your payment by check

    1st CLASS: this is your 1st course? And you want to join us during the year? Start easily by first taking a private lesson, essential before joining a group. Contact us at contact@pmds.fr

    VISITORS : reservations

    Would you want to take a class, or several classes, with us?
    Download and fill out the form:
    Visitors – Children classes age 4 to 12
    Visitors – Adult and Teens classes age 13 +

    PRE-PROFESSIONALS: auditions and pre-registration

    Initial training (14-18 years), upper cycle of vocational training (17-21 years)
    Access the application form

    Are you between the ages of 14 and 21, and you want to pursue a career path?
    Please consult the page Pre-college division age 14-18 and the page PRE-PRO 17-21.
    See also the AUDITIONS page.
    To apply, please complete the online application form.