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  • Summer Intensive – July 6 to 31st, 2020

    Teachers :

    Maggie Boogaart : Contemporary (Graham technique)  //  Ghislain de Compreignac : Classical / Neo-Classical Ballet  //  Nathalie Bochenek : Classical Ballet (for children & teens) // Christophe Cavier : Classical Ballet (for teens & adults) // Patrice Zorzi: Contemporary dance (for children) //

    THE SUMMER INTENSIVE WORKSHOP IS CONFIRMED – Our dance studios will open on June 22.

    ALL  CLASSES WILL BE HELD IN DANCE STUDIOS. The online dance classes are cancelled for technical reasons.

    Place availability
    It’s simple, register on the registration platform (link Registration online). If the workshop is complete, you are automatically registered on the waiting list.
    Levels – changes and adaptations every Monday
    Participants do not always register in the correct level, or it may be that the level chosen is not the good even if the age criteria correspond. The teachers then propose a class with a more adapted level which allows the participant to progress at best with a reasonable effort.
    Registration process
    Deferred payment :
    Due to the current confinement and the uncertainty about the effective date of resumption of classes, we offer a deferred payment formula until July 1. Your reservation will be taken into account upon registration; payment will only take place on July 1 and only if our studios are reopened. If the workshop is canceled, you will be notified immediately and no charges will be made.
    For the sake of simplicity and better management of your budget, the base price 90 € corresponds to 1 class for 5 days over a week. This price is much lower than the practice of most workshops. This saving multiplies with the number of classes you take.
    Only the repertoire and composition lessons are 120 € per week.
    Registration process:
    1. Download the workshop presentation, then prepare your program using the plan corresponding to your profile at the end of the brochure. If the schedule allows it, you can also choose other classes.
    2. Then click on Online registrations: the reservation is made class by class and week by week. Click on the link below “Online Registration”. The shopping cart process will be explained to you.

    Downlaoad: BROCHURE + online registration

    Create your own program and prepare it on the last page of the brochure: choose the classes you would like to take (from 1 to 6 per day) and the number of weeks that you would like to attend (from 1 to 4 weeks).
    All classes are taught in English and French.

    ADVANCED-PRO level – age 15+

    Classical/Neoclassical Ballet and Contemporary (Graham technique)
    Advanced/Pre-Professional (from ages 15+)
    Morning: 2 ballet classes (Variations, Balanchine style Pas-de-Deux)
    Afternoon: 2 contemporary classes (Cunningham technique and Repertory)
    dance in the heart of Paris for 1 to 4 weeks!
    … To strengthen your technique and expand your knowledge
    … To prepare for competitions, auditions and exams
    Learn ballet variations, a pas-de-deux or a contemporary choreography in preparation for competitions, auditions and exams, and learn and participate in a group dance.

    BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE levels – age 14+ 

    … To strengthen your technique and expand your knowledge
    Ballet (from ages 12+) and Contemporary (Graham technique – from ages 14+)

    BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE levels – age 8-14

    … To strengthen your technique and expand your knowledge
    Ballet (from ages 8-14)