Technical bases and artistry – Teens and adults

Mixed amateurs classes, ages 12 – 18, and adults

All classes emphasize the pleasure of dancing, fluidity of movement, improved posture and increased self confidence. The participants come with different objectives: physical and artistic practice, make friends, find a balance with school obligations, develop their capability to express …

Foundamental bases and artistry

In classical ballet as contemporary dance, learning the fundamentals, respecting the body, is essential to lay the foundations for a solid technique. The development of artistry and musicality are key elements, developed in conjunction with the control of breathing and improvisation exercises. Just movements, breathing and musicality allow young people to quickly create and dance with fluid movements.

Amateur or pre-professional?

Daily Classes from September to June, Monday

In the classes, young people can develop and progress without having any professional goal.
If they develop a professional objective, the professional training of Paris Marais Dance School will help candidates realize their dream of dance.