Space, chorégraphie de Maggie Boogaart

La chorégraphie « Space » de Maggie Boogaart, créée pour Eliot Smith Dance en 2015, a été sélectionnée pour participer au festival Next@Graham à New-York, le 2 mai 2018.

MAY 2 + 3, 2018 at 7pm
NEXT@Graham, the latest addition to the dynamic Martha Graham Studio Series, showcases the work of the extended Graham Family. Curated by Tadej Brdnik.
Featured Guest Artist
Jacqulyn Buglisi / Buglisi Dance Theater
performing  Sospiri
Graham Alumni Artists/Companies
Caterina Rago Dance Company (NY)
Eliot Smith Dance / Maggie Boogaart (England/France)
Futorian Dance Theatre  (NY)
Hannah Myers Choreography (NY)
Kanopy Dance Company (WI)
Karen Opper and Richard Oaxaca (OH)
Karlie Budge Dance  (NY)
Nimbus Dance Works / Darshan Singh Bhuller (NJ/England)

Featured Guest Artist

IIn her four decade career as a choreographer, artistic director, dancer, and master teacher, Jacqulyn Buglisi has made an indelible impact on the field of dance. Using literature, poetry, and heroic archetypes, Buglisi crafts socially-relevant dances that reveal the visceral strengths, humor and exquisite vulnerabilities of the individual.For more information, visit
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