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  • NEW YEAR workshops – Children & Teens


    Accessible to all children from 8 to 15 years old.
    Teachers: Nathalie Bochenek, Natsumi Otake, Christophe Cavier
    Pedagogical and artistic direction: Ghislain de Compreignac
    For a detailed presentation of each workshop, please download the presentation brochure for each workshop.
    Levels – changes and adaptations the firts day
    Participants do not always register in the right level, or it may be that the chosen level is not the right one even if the age criteria match. The teachers then propose a class with a more adapted level which allows the participant to progress at best with a reasonable effort.
    How to know if there are still places? It’s simple, register on the registration platform (link Registration online). If the workshop is complete, you are automatically registered on the waiting list.
    Is a medical certificate necessary? No, this is not required for workshops. However, the teacher can ask for one if he deems it useful.
    What dance clothes? Your usual dancewear should suffice. There is no question of a particular color (no black). At the advanced level, academic tights are recommended for the show in contemporary; for the classic, a white outfit (white leotard and short white skirt).

    New year Workshops – January 2 to 5, 2020

    BALLET TECHNIQUE – REPERTORY: Nutcracker, acts 1 & 2
    Classical Ballet
    Separate classes, 4 days:
    >> 8-14 years GIRLS – beginners (3 first years after age 8) – 1,5 hour class – 1,5 hr repertory class (Nutcracker). 160 €
    >> 8-14 years BOYSbeginners (3 first years after age 8) – 1,5 hour class – 1,5 hr repertory class (Nutcracker). 160€
    >> 12-16 years – intermediate + point shoes – 1,5 hours – 1,5 hr repertory class (Nutcracker). 240 €

    Presentation +  online registration

    For the online registration, use the filter and type : « stages enfants noel»