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  • Groups

    Groups of 5 to 15

    You may join an existing class appearing on our Daily planning.
    If you tell us before you come, we can choose with you the best suitable classes for your students, and enjoy a discount.
    Reservation: contact@pmds.fr

    Groups of 5 to 100 – special classes

    Tell us your needs before coming

    If you tell us before you come, we can create special classes for your students, adapted to their needs and to our studio availability.
    We adapt the size of the classes with a limit of 15, 20, 25 participants as much as you need. Rate: 25€/student.
    Reservation: contact@pmds.fr

    Precise your needs

      • Size of the complete group (ex: 100 people)
      • Composition of the group: age and gender of participants
      • Composition of the group: according to different levels

    your wishes :

    • usual drop’in classes / special classes
    • ballet / contemporary-Graham
    • morning / afternoon
    • week / week-end
    • Number of classes per day
    • Number of days
    • Budget