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  • Registration season 2019-2020 et 2020-2021



    Registrations online, for all, Children, Teens and Adults

    For the current season, registrations are still possible.
    For the next season, registrations start on March 1st. They continue until the end of September as far as places are available. Reserve your place as soon as possible.


    Trial class:
    Children: the 1st course is free. Make a trial class between January and June.
    All children’s classes are only accessible by registration for the full year.
    Registration during the year, subject to availability.
    Do not know your school hours yet?
    If you do not know yet your school hours of the fall, you can still register and change your schedule in September.
    All children classes are open to visitors with reservation, if space available.


    Open drop’in classes for adults

    Registration recommended
    For adult classes, it is strongly advised to register for the whole year, as there are limited places available in each class.
    The registration gives you a priority to enter the classes.
    Registration during the year, subject to availability.
    Class cards
    Should you be unable to attend the whole year, or not sure to come regularly, then you can buy a Class card for a limited period of 4 months.
    Visitors are welcome without registration nor reservation, in the limit of available places, and pay per class to the teacher.
    Trial class:
    Your 1st class is a class of discovery of our teaching,  at the full rate.
    If you decide to continue the classes with us, you can register online after the class or buy a class card (this first class is then part of your registration).


    If you want to join after October, we strongly to first take a private class to catch up.
    Start easily by first taking a private lesson, essential before joining a group. Contact us at contact@pmds.fr for an appointment.

    PRE-PROFESSIONALS: auditions and pre-registration

    Initial training (8-18 years), upper cycle of vocational training (17-21 years)
    Access the application form

    Are you between the ages of 8 and 21, and you want to pursue a career path?
    Please consult the page Pre-college division age 8-18 and the page PRE-PRO 17-21.
    See also the AUDITIONS page.
    To apply, please complete the online application form.