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  • Terms and conditions

    Important notice: the present regulations are submitted to the French law. In case of conflict of interpretation, the French version published on this website is the official version and should be used as reference.
    Last update : April,7, 2018.

    For all participants to classes and workshops of Paris Marais Dance School

    1. PMDS is the abbreviation of Paris Marais Dance School, a school run by Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac.
    2. In case of interpretation problem, the French version of these terms and conditions is authoritative.
    3. All classes take place in the studios of the Centre de Danse du Marais, 41 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris, France.
    4. All classes are taught in French and English if needed.
    5. The 12 € membership fee of the Centre de Danse du Marais is obligatory to access the classes and workshops; it is valid for 1 year and allows discounts in several dance stores in Paris.
    6. Ballet classes are accessible from age 8. Girls may practice point work when aged 12 or more, upon authorisation of the teacher. Contemporary classes are accessible from age 14. Advanced/pro classes are not accessible under age 15.
    7. The classes are open to children, teenagers and adults, according to the specific indications indicated in each workshop presentation brochure, including indications concerning ages and levels.
    8. Registration will be affected upon receipt of the completed and signed registration form including parental consent for minors and regulations, and payment of the total tuition fee.
    9. Change & commission fees are at the expense of the applicant ; the school must receive the net amount, as indicated on the registration form.
    10. When paying by bank transfer, a proof of transfer is requested, to be joined to the registration form. Other payments procedures such as Western Union, Moneygram are not accepted.
    11. Any workshop started is due. Tuition fee for the workshop is non-refundable and non-transferable, for any reason whatsoever and whatever the duration of the workshop.
    12. For registrations and online subscriptions, a 14-day withdrawal period is applicable from the date of sending of the inscription, without giving any reason. The full refund will be made within 14 days from the date we are informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract. If you started the courses during the withdrawal period, you must pay us an amount proportional to what was provided to you until you informed us of your withdrawal from this contract, in relation to all benefits provided for in the contract.
    13. In case of force majeure (external event, unpredictable, irresistible), causing an impossibility to do the internship, the school proceeds to the refund of the part not carried out of the stage, deduction made of the expenses already engaged by the school.
    14. Anyone attending the classes certifies to be in good health and is not medically deemed to be dispensable by a qualified medical practitioner. The teachers may request a certificate in case of doubt.
    15. The teachers may reserve the right to refuse anyone who does not correspond to the level, the image or the ethics of the class and of the group. They may decide at any time to exclude from the class a person whose behavior is likely to disturb the course of the class.
    16. Management and faculty reserve the right to make changes in the regulations, the program of the workshop or to cancel in case of force majeure. Possible changes will be posted on the website www.paris-marais-dance-school.org
    17. For each class, the school and teacher alone determine the number of students per class, depending on the size of the studios. In the event of a change to a smaller studio, the initial number of students may be retained.
    18. The level of students in each class is not always homogeneous, the teacher adapts the level of each course according to the students present; he can adapt the difficulty of the exercises by creating separate groups. Students agree that certain exercises are not adapted to their level.
    19. In case of change of level by the particiapant or by the teacher and consequently in case of plan change, the price difference will be reimbursed by PMDS or paid by the participant if needed if upgraded plan.
    20. The teacher can decide alone to change the parts of the repertoire and the choreographers initially planned for the study, in particular according to the level of the participants, their number and the distribution between men and women, or the technical or artistic level of the group.
    21. The pedagogical method of the school incorporates the practice of numerous corrections essential for obtaining good postures. Teachers are required to have physical contact with the students, in the respect of the conveniences, which the students and their parents accept.
    22. It is the responsibility of each student and his / her parents, and not of PMDS, to take out individual accident insurance.
    23. PMDS declines all responsibility for minor children outside of dance studios where children are with their teacher. Since the Marais Dance Center is an unrestricted public site and is a separate legal entity that is not managed or under PMDS’s responsibility, it is the parents’ responsibility to evaluate their degree of freedom or to accompany them to each classroom.
    24. It is the responsibility of the participants to maintain their health (it is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the class to warm up, to protect themselves from the cold, to eat well, to drink water) to prevent accidents and to know their limits.
    25. When a participant suffers an injury, he / she must immediately inform the teachers so that they can help determine what is necessary for immediate care (organize an ambulance, warn his family …) or adapt the class in case of minor injuries. It is essential that the participant first informs the teacher so that he can help minimize the injury, avoid chronic injuries and start healing as soon as possible.
    26. The classes are not open to public, no spectators will be allowed unless authorized by the teacher.
    27. The management and teachers cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss and for any damages or injury caused or suffered by all persons, including students and or parents accompanying them at the Centre de Danse du Marais. Students are asked to take all their belongings (clothes, shoes, bags) with them into the studios.
    28. Class participants are invited to change only in the changing rooms, excluding any other location.
    29. Participants are required to wear appropriate and clean dance clothes every day, take showers in breaks between classes, tie long hair into a ponytail (contemporary) or a bun (ballet) and put on a deodorant. They are also required to remove all jewelry and minimize their make-up, in order to allow full freedom for the dance.
    30. It is imperative to leave nothing in the locker room (bag, shoes, coat …) and take always everything with you in the dance studio.
    31. All trips, dance costumes, show costumes are the responsibility of the student.
    32. The participant agrees that the workshop management or any person authorized by the management (reporter, photographer, artist, film maker) can take pictures and videos during classes and presentation. The participant gives up his/her rights to these images. Images will be used for promoting workshops and school managed by Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac only.
    33. Parents and close friends are welcome to attend the final presentations of the workshops.
    34. PMDS declines all responsibility for commercial offers, promotions and services provided by partners or organizations claiming to be partners.
    35. Any signatory of the registration form acknowledges having read the brochure of the chosen workshop, available for download on the website http://www.paris-marais-dance-school.org.
    36. All registrations implies acceptance of full regulations.
    37. Any participation in a class organized by PMDS automatically entails the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of Paris Marais Dance School, whether in a context of amateur class, pre-professional, professional, group classes, private class, workshop or professional training.

    For the professional training program

    All the preceeding regulations apply for the professional training program and are completed by specific regulations.