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  • Young Ballet

    A springboard to working life

    The Young Ballet is composed of the most advanced students of the professional training program. The entry in the junior ballet is made on the proposal of teachers, to join new creations and performances.
    At least six performances a year are under training.
    Other performances in Paris, France, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries are held every year on the occasion of collaboration with choreographers or by invitation of the company.
    These performances are an opportunity for young dancers to experience the stage, to test their strength both in the preparation of the performances on stage and develop their qualities and their stage presence.


    In 2014, the Junior Ballet performed in Massy theater from Ecole Centrale de Paris, with the creation “Una Fantasia” of Maggie Boogaart, and several solos and duos created by the dancers of the company.
    In 2015, a tour in Haarlem (Netherlands) took place in June, and a tour in Barcelona in October on the occasion of a collaboration with choreographer Tebby Ramasike. In February 2016, choreographer Maurice Causey made a creation for the students of the professional training program.
    In 2016, Maggie Boogaart made a dance-theater creation for the Young Ballet, with performances in 3 theaters. The international choreographer Maurice Causey, the professor and choreographer Patrice Zorzi, the professor and choreographer Peter Sparling were invited to make three creation for the advanced students of PMDS, with performances in Paris.
    In 2017, students of the Young Ballet perform creations and repertory in Paris at the theater of the auditorium Saint-Germain, the Grande Halle de la Villette and the Center Pompidou.