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  • Auditions – professional training program – age 12 to 21

    The pre-professional and professional training program of PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL prepare young talent to enter dance companies worldwide

    Initial training: from 12 to 18 years

    Level required at entry: intermediate or advanced level in classical ballet. Real opening for contemporary dance.

    Professional training program: ages 17 to 21 (age to start)

    Age: professional program age 17 to 21 (age to start)
    Level required: advanced level in classical ballet. Real opening for Contemporary dance, advanced level appreciated. Knowledge of the Graham technique is not necessary to audition.
    Duration: the duration of the program is 2 years. The 2nd year is the Young Ballet.

    Audition process:

     application form: first thing to do

    Application process = application form + letter + resume + WORKSHOP (1 week) + interview

    For all applicants :
    1 – Fill in the online form

    2 – Send your application file by mail (no postal mail), to: formationpro@pmds.fr including:

    • Letter of motivation
    • Resume including dance photos (arabesque, jumps) and video links on Youtube or Vimeo with classical or/and contemporary variations. (less than 1 Mb).

    3 – Participate in a 1 to 4 week workshop in Paris, France *

    • Choose your workshop (Winter, Spring, Summer) and send the registration form.
    • Bring the music of your variation on ipod or smartphone.

    *  If you cannot participate to a workshop, you can join our daily training for the week of your choice during the year, with attending about 15 classes.
    Program of the audition :

    • classical ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, variation, interview.

    How we select dancers

    We observe all candidates over several weeks before accepting them in our program. Candidates participate in one of our intensive workshops: Fall, Winter or Summer workshop * – see page Intensive workshops.
    Teachers observe your listening skills and integration, your progress, your technical and artistic potential and your personality as an artist. Are you ready to be one of the dancers of the 21th century ?
    All candidates participate in both classical ballet and contemporary dance classes, in both technique and repertory classes. There will be time to show your classical or contemporary variation.
    This procedure also allows candidates to understand the specific pedagogy of Paris Marais Dance School.
    If the faculty is positive about your progress during your intensive workshop or week with us, we will have a talk with you (and your parents if they are present), to complete your audition procedure.
    Admission : at the end of the interview, the faculty of PMDS decides about your admission.